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A place to come and share experiences, to find support and strength, for those of us who are putting gambling behind us and finding new exciting and happier ways to live our lives.
" You never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing."
*Dale Carnegie {1888-1955 American Author & Achievement Expert}

Thursday, March 02, 2006



You know what you are today but not what you may be tomorrow.

Use your imagination and look at things as they can be.

You can do anything you wish to do,

have anything you wish to have, and be anything you wish to be.

You don't know what you can really do until you try.

All you have to do is to act on your dreams.

You have the power within you to do things you never dreamed possible.

You would amaze yourself if you did all the things you're capable of doing.

This power becomes available to you as soon as you change some of your beliefs.

Success begins in your mind.

©2006 by Max Steingart


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